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A Woman and Minority Owned Business

Pioneering Inclusive Futures with Transformative Coaching and Measurable Results.

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Growth Coaching

Unlock your full potential through personalized coaching that aligns your career with your deepest values and aspirations.

Best for:

Individuals seeking clarity and fulfillment in their lives and/or career paths.

Diversity-Forward Leadership Excellence

Cultivate your ability to lead diverse teams with confidence and empathy, fostering an environment where every voice is valued.

Best for:

Emerging and established leaders aiming to champion inclusivity in the workplace.

Strategic Leadership Development

Develop the skills and strategies needed to navigate today’s dynamic business environment and inspire your team to success.

Best for:

Organizational leaders ready to elevate their strategic impact and improving performance through coaching

Why Choose Nova Conxulting

Global Brainstorming Strategy

Tailored Strategies for Millennials and Gen Z Professionals

Nova Conxulting understands the unique challenges and aspirations of Millennials and Gen Z professionals.

Our strategies are crafted to align with your values, career goals, and the fast-paced changes defining your work and life landscapes

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Innovative Approaches to Leadership and Personal Development

We blend cutting-edge research with creative methodologies to offer innovative leadership and personal development programs. Our approach is designed to foster your ability to lead with confidence in an ever-evolving professional environment.

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Empowerment through Diversity and


Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is not just a principle—it's a practice embedded in every program we offer, empowering you to thrive in a globalized, multicultural world.

We turn your unique journey and strengths in to stepping stones for growth.

Client Testimonials & Reviews

Working with Dee is a pure delight. She is a wealth of knowledge and a calm presence.

Phoenix AZ - Entrepreneur

Dee is a breath of fresh air in her approach to questioning, probing and learning about others. This approach also is something she excels at in projects and initiatives. She takes the time to understand someones "why" and takes the time to observe, engage and question before making a decision on her stance or her approach.

Omaha NB - Global Senior People & Organizational Developer

Dee is amazing at what she does!

She has awesome interpersonal skills which makes it easy to work with her and understand what she is suggesting and wanting to implement.

Phoenix AZ - Consultant

Dee Ntšala

CEO & Founder

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Meet the Human Behind Nova Conxulting: Dee N.

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Dee N. Portfolio

A quick blurb about my background and favorite projects.

Dee N.

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A Woman and Minority Owned Business

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Phoenix, Arizona



Empowerment Tailored to You:

Nova Conxulting's services are designed to cultivate your inherent strengths, forging a path of growth where diversity is the starting point, and actionable, measurable, excellence is the destination.

We would be honored to coach and guide you that destination.